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HR Outsourcing Frees FC Tech to Focus on Growth

HR Outsourcing Frees FC Tech to Focus on Growth By / April 15, 2015 / Client Profiles No Comments

By outsourcing many human resources tasks, “I can operate as a small-business man and have the resources of a publicly traded Fortune 500 company,” says FC Tech President Mark Fucich.

The privately held company promotes, distributes and re-manufactures flow-control technologies, and its wholly owned subsidiary, HF Alkylation Consultants, offers consulting services. “The consequences of not having a proactive all-knowing HR department can catch up and bite you,” Fucich says. By outsourcing human resources responsibilities to a team of specialist experts, his organization can “act like a big company” while taking care of essential HR functions.

Less Worry and More Time to Focus on the Business

It may not seem like a big deal to pay a handful of employees at a small business, but there are a lot of laws and complexities involved in handling payroll — even when you only have a single employee. Since partnering with HR Solutions, Fucich says he doesn’t have to worry about his 13 employees getting paid correctly, so he can instead focus on growing his business.

Developing personnel policies can be surprisingly difficult too, so Fucich sought help writing the company’s employee handbook, too. Having a team of HR experts with deep knowledge of HR law do the heavy lifting in creating FC Tech’s employee handbook was a relief, Fucich says, because he knew it was done right.

HR Solutions’ team of experts also played an essential role helping FC Tech establish an effective on-site random drug and alcohol screening process. Having that process in place has had an “extremely positive” effect on the workforce, Fucich says.

Finally, HR Solutions has helped FC Tech save time vetting prospective employees, onboarding new hires and getting both processes done well. “They do 100 percent of the screening and onboarding of potential and new employees,” Fucich says.

With all these essential, but time-consuming HR tasks taken care of, Fucich says his team has been able to focus on its core competencies. “I don’t have to add the head count or do the tasks that would be very expensive if I had my own HR department,” Fucich says. “I only pay for the parts I need, not full-time employees. That, for me, is the greatest benefit, for sure.”

Assistance Helping an Employee in Need

Most HR functions are fairly routine, but sometimes companies also find themselves facing difficult circumstances they couldn’t have foreseen. For example, Fucich says one of the biggest challenges FC Tech has faced was when one of its employees was diagnosed with cancer.

“I had never faced a challenge like that in my 35-year career leading publicly traded and private businesses,” he says. Having knowledgeable HR experts who were able to walk the company through leveraging all the benefits possible for the employee was a huge help. In addition, Fucich says he appreciated the guidance on keeping an empathetic, ongoing relationship going with someone who was totally disabled and unable to work.

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